Computational Astrophysics in Italy:
methods and tools

Bologna, July, 4-5, 2002

with the support of:

                      CINECAINAFDep. of Astronomy , (Univ. of Bologna),  Dep. of Physics  (Univ. of Roma La Sapienza)

                                                                         The japanese Earth Simulator, the fastest supercomputer of the
                                                            world, a 35 Tflops machine that will be ranked first in the
                                                          Top 500  list presented on June 20th at the ISC2002 in Heidelberg.
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 Roberto Capuzzo-Dolcetta  Paolo Miocchi
Ugo Becciani  Claudio Gheller
Attilio Ferrari  Pasquale Londrillo
Claudio Gheller
Diego Molteni