Frontiers in Numerical Gravitational Astrophysics

2nd Course of the International School on Astrophysical Relativity

«John Archibald Wheeler»

at EMFCSC (Erice, Italy, June 27-July 5, 2008)

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We are sad to inform that Prof. J.A. Wheeler passed away on sunday april 13 at his home in Hightstown, N.J. He was 96.
Please read the obituary of New York Times

This Course is dedicated to the memory of this overwhelming scientist and human being.

Purpose of the Course

This Course has the scope to gather some of the best experts in computational simulations for the study of gravitating systems in astrophysics, to allow them to present their knowledge and expertise to deeply motivated students at the graduate level, as well as young researchers.

The main aim of the Course is that of clarifying whether and when the classic Newtonian approach fails and General Relativity is needed to approach reliably the complicated non-linear aspects of the physics involved. Consequently, the differences in the numerical and computational schemes approaches in the classic and relativistic cases will be illustrated and discussed. A small fraction of time is dedicated to the handling and visualization of the huge amount of data output.

Lectures will be on:

This course aims at being a formative event for students who want to get in touch with international top-level scientists and researchers in the field of Numerical Astrophysics, providing also a unique chance to exchange opinions and ideas on the most currently active topics in that field.

To this purpose, students will be allowed to present their current research activity in form of POSTERS, whose summary will be PUBLISHED in the School Proceedings.

To attest their proficient participation to the School, a proper CERTIFICATION will be issued by the scientific organizers.


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School Location

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Important Deadlines


Directors of the School:

Directors of the Course:

Ignazio Ciufolini (Univ. of Lecce, Italy)

Roberto Capuzzo Dolcetta  (Sapienza, Univ. of Roma, Italy)

Richard Matzner (Univ. of Texas, Austin, USA)

Richard Matzner (Univ.of Texas, Austin, USA)


Paolo Miocchi
  (Sapienza, Univ. of Roma, Italy, Coordinator)

Fernanda Lupinacci   (Sapienza, Univ. of Roma, Italy)

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updated: July 12, 2008