The SCAE group research fields

The members of the SCAE group are active in several research fields of Astronomy: Clusters of Galaxies, Active Galactic Nuclei (QSO, Blazars, BL Lacs), interacting stellar binary systems (Cataclismic Variables, Symbiotic Stars, High mass Stars, Pulsars. All these astrophysical objects emits over a large frequency range (from Radio to X-rays and Gamma-rays) and require therefore observations both from the ground and from space-based instruments.
More details can be found in the personal web pages. Continuous and long-standig collaborations are established with researchers of the INAF Institutes all over Italy.

Among the present international collaborations of the SCAE group we recall:

The group has direct access to two small telescopes, located at Vallinfreda and at Greve in Chianti for optical monitoring of AGN and variable stars.

In the years 1996-2000, the group has also operated a 70cm telescope located at Monteporzio, in collaboration with IASF-CNR (now INAF-IASF).

The logbooks of observations are available for the Greve, Vallinfreda, and Monteporzio telescopes.